How to Embed a YouTube Video in Your Website

To embed a YouTube video in your school's website only takes a few simple steps. You can embed a YouTube video or any other embed code within mostly any page on your website. This example will show you how to embed one on your homepage.

Go to the YouTube video's page in which you would like to embed
Find the embed section below the YouTube video
Copy all of the codeGo to your homepage or the page you want to embed the video and turn design mode onHover over the content widget and click the pencil
Look down at the very bottom of the content box and click the HTML section in between Design and Preview
Paste the code into this HTML section of the content and click Publish
Your YouTube video is now embedded
Keep in mind that if you don't like the size of the video, you can always go back to the HTML section and alter the dimensions of the width and height

How to Move a Page

You have the ability to move existing pages from one area of your website to another area. Moving a page involves multiple steps that have been itemized below:

Go to the page you want to moveHover over Advanced Options and click Move PageIn the following window you will be required to select the final destination of the page. Click on Browse to find that location on your site

After you click Browse a pop up will appearNEVER move anything past Default Pageset (Default Pageset is your main navigation bar)To move something to your main navigation bar, select Default Pageset as the destinationAt this point, it is important to know exactly where you want to move a page. To move a page under a particular parent page, simply click on Select next to page’s titleAfter you hit Select it will redirect you back to the original Move Page page where the final destination you selected will appearOnce you have confirmed this is where you want to move the page under, click MoveYour page will now appear …

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How to Start Using Twitter for Your School

FIRST: To create a Twitter account, please use your JEFCOED email address.
Step 1 – Reserve a Twitter ID for Your School

Even if you’re brand new to Twitter, and have no idea how to use this social media channel, your first step should be to reserve a Twitter ID for your school. This is a very important step. Choose your school’s Twitter ID carefully because you can’t change the name once you’ve selected it. Here are some things to think about as you select a name:Your school’s Twitter ID will be limited to 15 characters. As you select a name think of your branding and how you want your school to be known. If your formal school name is longer than 15 characters is there a shorter name or nickname for how your school is known? We would recommend that you don’t use any special characters or spaces. Step 2 – Personalize Your Twitter Profile

Nothing is more unprofessional than a Twitter account with the default egg profile photo. After you create your account you’ll need to personalize your pro…

How To Use Facebook Page Roles

If your school already has a Facebook page setup using a personal email address, you will need to setup a new Facebook account using your JEFCOED email address, add your new JEFCOED Facebook account as an Admin under Settings, and then remove your personal account from your school’s Facebook account. Step 1 – Create a JEFCOED “Personal” Facebook Account

In order to manage and maintain a safe and secure Social Media experience within the Key Communicator Program, it is essential that we manage our schools’ Facebook pages through a “Personal” Facebook account instead of your main Personal Account. Step 2 – Assign Page Roles

Once you or the creator of the Facebook page is logged in, click Settings found at the top right.

Select Page Roles on the left side tool bar found under Settings.

Type in your JEFCOED email address that you used to setup your new Facebook account. Step 3 – Confirm Account You will then receive an email from Facebook in your JEFCOED Inbox to finalize the process.

Step 4 …

How to Start Using Facebook for Your School

FIRST: To create a Facebook account, please use your JEFCOED email address.

Step 1 – Create a Page for Your School

After signing up for Facebook, navigate to the top right hand corner of Facebook and click on the down arrow to select Create Page.

Select Company, Organization or Institution.

Select School and type in the name of your school such as “Grantswood Elementary School” to continue.
Step 2 – Personalize Your Facebook Profile

Nothing is more unprofessional than a Facebook account with the default profile photo. After you create your account you’ll need to personalize your profile. Here is a list of things you should complete:

How to Grant the PR Manager and Other Users Access to Your School's Social Media Accounts

Sign in to your school's Twitter accountOpen a new tab and go to, over your username in the top right corner and click Edit Access to Account

Click Add More Users...
Type in @JEFCOED, select the settings below, and click Save

Facebook:Login to your school's Facebook accountClick Settings in the top right corner of the page

Select the Page Roles section

Assign a New Page Roll with the following settings and click Add