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Counseling Pages

One of the most important pages on your school's website is the Counseling page. This page will be used to communicate important information like college awareness, scholarships, and testing deadlines to both students and parents.

*Please keep in mind that the Counseling page should not have its theme changed. However, Counselors can absolutely have their very own teacher page as well. To find out more about teacher pages, go here.

Locating the Counseling Page

Your Counseling page could be a number of places on or within the navigation bar. The image shown above shows Minor High School's Guidance page and subpages which is located on the main navigation bar for them. Your Counseling page may be found under something else like School, Academics, Parents, etc.

If you do not see a Counseling page, contact your school's Key Communicator to have them add one. Click here to find out who your KC is.

Confirm You Have Rights You will know you have rights by logging in (top right hand …

Staff Directory Module

This post is all about the Staff Directory Module. Each of our websites have the ability to display our staff/employee listing. Originally, we placed the Staff Directory page under School on the navigation bar. You may have moved yours around which is totally fine! You could even rename the page if you wanted to. If you have deleted the Staff Directory page, you can also easily add it back.

Locate Your Staff Directory Page

Turn Design Mode onClick the edit (pencil icon) to revel the modules back end settings

Groups: Do not change the settings on the Groups portion. I have gone in to each school site and set this up to display correctly. This portion is what is connected to our Active Directory groups.Email Privacy: If you enable this it will not display the email address beside the employee. It will instead display a link to click on to email them. This decreases email spam. Search bots go around the internet looking for any indication of the "@" symbol so they can fill your in…

Sync Google Calendar with Website Calendar

Getting the URL for a Google Calendar Feed To get the URL for a Google calendar feed, first go to your calendar in Google. Click to the right of your calendar under My Calendar and choose Calendar Settings.

Now you can click the iCal button to the right of Calendar Address or Private Address. If your Google calendar is set to be publicly available, you can use the iCal for Calendar Address. If the calendar is private or only partly visible to the public, then you will need to use the iCal for Private Address.

Highlight and copy the URL.

Adding Your Feed URL to a Calendar  Once you have the URL you need, go to the calendar page where you wish to add your events. If you are an administrator, a calendar owner or have otherwise been assigned full control on the page the calendar appears, you will see a tab called External Calendars. Click on this tab.

From the External Calendars tab, click Add Calendar.

Paste your feed’s URL into the URL field and click Add Calendar.

If this is the first t…

Page Directory Module

There is a great feature in hopes of your attention! The page directory module automatically generates a table of contents for a parent page's child pages. You can also choose how you want them to be sorted. Look at the sample below:

Don't worry because this feature works on more than just Teacher pages. It works for any parent page. Let's take this blank School page below for example.

Navigate to the page you'd like to put this module onTurn Design Mode OnLook at the widgets bar, click on Content ManagementClick and drag the Page Directory widget into your blank page

It will then automatically reload and render the child pages associated with that particular parent pageTo make it appear differently, click the Edit pencilClick on the Group By dropdown and play with these settings to make it appear how you want

Code of Conduct & Pictures

On pages 45-46 of the Code of Student Conduct, there are two portions that include parent consent to having their child's picture taken and shared.

The first portion shown above means that if the parent agrees, you may take their picture/video and share it to promote your school and the district. 

Deals with the local school and district’s control, distribution, and use of student photos/videosExample: A key communicator posts a photo of a student after winning an award on the school’s home page slideshow and social media pages

The second portion shown above means that if the parent agrees, outside media not associated with your school or the district can take their picture/video and share it to promote your school and the district.

Deals with the outside media’s control, distribution, and use of student photos/videosExample: A news reporter uses a student’s photo to accompany their article about student achievementThe media would depend on you to know if a student does or does…

Embedding Code

Many of you have inquired about how to embed code in you website. Most of the time you can quickly perform a Google search like "How to embed _____" and it will either take you to the original provider like Twitter or direct you to a free widget generator website. Here a few examples to get you started.

Where You Go to Embed

Use any regular content type module to embed code in a specific areaTurn design mode on > Hover over a content module > Click the pencil > Look at the bottom for where it says HTML and click to toggle over > Paste the code here and save
Embed a Twitter FeedTwitter's Embed Guide
Embed a Facebook Feed Facebook's Page Plugin Generator 6 Ways to Embed Facebook on Your Website by Sprout Social
Embed an Instagram Feed Instagram's Feed Generator How to Embed Specific Instagram Images or Videos**You have to do this on a computer and not your phone**
Embed a YouTube Video or Playlist Embed a YouTube Video or Playlist
Embed a Google Map Embed a Map or S…

Communicate Broadcasts

BasicsIf it's not correct in Chalkable, it's not correct in CommunicateWorking to get you access to use thisWorking on scheduling a new set of test alerts
Text Opt-InFlyer (English)Flyer (Spanish)

Teacher Pages

Initial Setup
You are responsible for initial setup of teacher pages and any new teacher pages that need to be createdLook how some of our schools have setup and organized theirs to get ideasPlease watch the videos below to view the correct steps in setting up teacher pagesOUR IT DEPARTMENT MUST SETUP TEACHERS CORRECTLY IN ACTIVE DIRECTORY BEFORE YOU CAN CREATE THEIR TEACHER PAGEMAKE THE TEACHER THE PAGE OWNER FROM THE INITIAL SETUP
Contact Me Forms
Refer to above image for example of optimal contact me form settingsMake sure that all teacher pages at your school have their contact me forms properly setup to allow submissions to be sent to their email addressClick on their form page > turn design mode on > hover the form module > click on the pencil > scroll down to the bottom to see if they are connected to their formI go over this in both webinars we've done
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Home Page Free Space

Home pages can be rearranged, added to, and deleted from. The home page of a website is meant to function as a quick and organized glance of what the entire website has to offer. This post is not to necessarily promote the alterations of elements and layout to your home page; however, you do have free space that can be taken advantage of.

With our old websites, we got into the bad habit of copying and pasting mass bodies of text smack dab on the home page. Our new websites allow for us to use other features like the slideshow and news section to embed call-to-actions that link to content pages with more information about the given topic. For instance, when registration is going on, we might include a slide that says, "Online Registration available now. Click to find out more." Once that person clicks the slide, it takes them to a page strictly about Online Registration.

Ideas for Free SpaceMission StatementWelcome MessagePrincipal's MessageQuote of the WeekEmployee of the…

The Calendar & News Engine

Using both the calendar and news features on our websites will take your school communication to the next level. Our stakeholders depend on both of these areas to understand the what, when, how, why, and where at your school.

CalendarDo not have duplicate calendar pages unless you meant toDo not remove any shared district-wide external calendarsUse Google Calendar to create live iCal feeds to connect to your siteFollow this Calendar Guide
NewsDo not have duplicate calendar pages unless you meant toConnect your news page to the data summary on the home pageDo not remove the district news feed on your home page
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Slideshows & Home Pages

All of our websites have areas that I like to define as prime real-estate. Our home pages include elements that allow us to grab our stakeholders' interest and attention instantly. It's up to us to make sure that the content we are featuring on our home pages is engaging and clear. Here are a few tips on making a great first impression with your home pages.

Take Advantage of Your SlideshowAfter the navigation bar, this is the FIRST thing your stakeholders see (aka prime real-estate)Use this space to direct your audience to other areas of the siteInclude a Call-to-ActionDon't just use this space to display images **To only display images, use the photo gallery module or an external source like
Understand the Settings of the Slideshow Module

Starting Image: Make sure First image is selected so you can control the order the slides appearSlideshow Mode: Toggle slideshow mode on and off meaning make it move automatically or don'tShow Controls: Little icons will appe…

Organizing Navigation Bars

Your website's navigation bar is like the skeleton of your website. It's the structure that holds all the content together. Deciding how to organize it can take a lot of thought and will most likely evolve with your site over time. To help the process along, I wanted to share some pointers when deciding how to layout your navigation bar to meet the needs of your stakeholders.

Think Like a StakeholderStep outside of your ability to understand your school's structure and jump into the mind of a parent or employee. How should the layout of the navigation bar function to meet their needs?

Look at the Big PictureThe links within your main navigation bar should be broad topics so that you can easily place subpages in their given categoryThe words within the main navigation bar should not exceed 2 words

Avoid Design Flaws, Blank Pages, and DuplicatesDon't add too much and force it to populate on a second lineMake sure you do not have blank or duplicate pages