Counseling Pages

One of the most important pages on your school's website is the Counseling page. This page will be used to communicate important information like college awareness, scholarships, and testing deadlines to both students and parents.

*Please keep in mind that the Counseling page should not have its theme changed. However, Counselors can absolutely have their very own teacher page as well. To find out more about teacher pages, go here.

Locating the Counseling Page

Your Counseling page could be a number of places on or within the navigation bar. The image shown above shows Minor High School's Guidance page and subpages which is located on the main navigation bar for them. Your Counseling page may be found under something else like School, Academics, Parents, etc.

If you do not see a Counseling page, contact your school's Key Communicator to have them add one. Click here to find out who your KC is.

Confirm You Have Rights

You will know you have rights by logging in (top right hand corner of website). Once you are logged in you will navigate to the Counseling page. To confirm you have rights, look for the design tool bar at the top of the screen.

If you do not see the design tool bar, contact your school's Key Communicator to grant your proper admin rights.

Learn How to Edit Your Page

There are a number of ways to learn how to edit your page. The teacher resource here gives many editing tutorial resources as well. The easiest way to access any tutorial is by logging in to your school's website, navigating to a page you administer (Counseling page or your teacher page), and clicking the question mark icon on the right side of the design tool bar.

Ideas for Your Counseling Page

All Grade Levels:
  • About Section
  • Parent Section
  • Resources and Links Section
  • Advertising Section
Middle School:
  • College Awareness
  • Career Awareness
High School:
  • Scholarship Information and Deadlines
  • College Deadlines
  • Testing Deadlines

Provide Feedback

Help us improve all of our Counseling pages by providing feedback here.

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