Embedding Code

Many of you have inquired about how to embed code in you website. Most of the time you can quickly perform a Google search like "How to embed _____" and it will either take you to the original provider like Twitter or direct you to a free widget generator website. Here a few examples to get you started.

Where You Go to Embed

  • Use any regular content type module to embed code in a specific area
  • Turn design mode on > Hover over a content module > Click the pencil > Look at the bottom for where it says HTML and click to toggle over > Paste the code here and save

Embed a Twitter Feed

Embed a Facebook Feed

Embed an Instagram Feed

How to Embed Specific Instagram Images or Videos **You have to do this on a computer and not your phone**

Embed a YouTube Video or Playlist

Embed a Google Map

Embed a Flickr Album

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