Home Page Free Space

Home pages can be rearranged, added to, and deleted from. The home page of a website is meant to function as a quick and organized glance of what the entire website has to offer. This post is not to necessarily promote the alterations of elements and layout to your home page; however, you do have free space that can be taken advantage of.

With our old websites, we got into the bad habit of copying and pasting mass bodies of text smack dab on the home page. Our new websites allow for us to use other features like the slideshow and news section to embed call-to-actions that link to content pages with more information about the given topic. For instance, when registration is going on, we might include a slide that says, "Online Registration available now. Click to find out more." Once that person clicks the slide, it takes them to a page strictly about Online Registration.

Ideas for Free Space

  • Mission Statement
  • Welcome Message
  • Principal's Message
  • Quote of the Week
  • Employee of the Month
  • Twitter Feed
  • Facebook Feed
  • School Map
  • Embedded Video

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