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All of our websites have areas that I like to define as prime real-estate. Our home pages include elements that allow us to grab our stakeholders' interest and attention instantly. It's up to us to make sure that the content we are featuring on our home pages is engaging and clear. Here are a few tips on making a great first impression with your home pages.

Take Advantage of Your Slideshow

  • After the navigation bar, this is the FIRST thing your stakeholders see (aka prime real-estate)
  • Use this space to direct your audience to other areas of the site
  • Include a Call-to-Action
  • Don't just use this space to display images **To only display images, use the photo gallery module or an external source like

Understand the Settings of the Slideshow Module

  • Starting Image: Make sure First image is selected so you can control the order the slides appear
  • Slideshow Mode: Toggle slideshow mode on and off meaning make it move automatically or don't
  • Show Controls: Little icons will appear on your slideshow so viewers can navigate
  • Max # of Images: You can adjust this but I would suggest not going over 10 images
  • Speed: You can adjust this between 4 and 6 seconds per image
  • Max Height & Width: This is what dictates what size you need to make your images before uploading them to your slideshow. **Please note that if you alter the size of your slideshow, the templates provided will no longer fit. You will have to resize your Google Drawing template within property settings.
  • Animation: Select the way you want your images to move
  • Action on Image Click: Make sure that Open URL in new window is selected so that when you make your slides clickable, the URL will appear for your viewer in a new browser window

Slideshow Templates

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