Organizing Navigation Bars

Your website's navigation bar is like the skeleton of your website. It's the structure that holds all the content together. Deciding how to organize it can take a lot of thought and will most likely evolve with your site over time. To help the process along, I wanted to share some pointers when deciding how to layout your navigation bar to meet the needs of your stakeholders.

Think Like a Stakeholder

  • Step outside of your ability to understand your school's structure and jump into the mind of a parent or employee. How should the layout of the navigation bar function to meet their needs?

Look at the Big Picture

  • The links within your main navigation bar should be broad topics so that you can easily place subpages in their given category
  • The words within the main navigation bar should not exceed 2 words

Avoid Design Flaws, Blank Pages, and Duplicates

  • Don't add too much and force it to populate on a second line
  • Make sure you do not have blank or duplicate pages

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