Staff Directory Module

This post is all about the Staff Directory Module. Each of our websites have the ability to display our staff/employee listing. Originally, we placed the Staff Directory page under School on the navigation bar. You may have moved yours around which is totally fine! You could even rename the page if you wanted to. If you have deleted the Staff Directory page, you can also easily add it back.

Locate Your Staff Directory Page

  • Turn Design Mode on
  • Click the edit (pencil icon) to revel the modules back end settings

  • Groups: Do not change the settings on the Groups portion. I have gone in to each school site and set this up to display correctly. This portion is what is connected to our Active Directory groups.
  • Email Privacy: If you enable this it will not display the email address beside the employee. It will instead display a link to click on to email them. This decreases email spam. Search bots go around the internet looking for any indication of the "@" symbol so they can fill your inbox with junk.
  • Default Sort Order: This indicates the format and order in which the employees are listed.
  • Attributes Displayed: This is the different type of information that will be displayed by the employee. This information is entered in by the employee once they login to the school site. Now we will learn how employees can do that.

Give Your Staff Access

*Please note that in order for an employee to edit their user preferences, account settings, and attributes on the staff directory page, they will have to login to the school website and navigate to a page in which they have editing rights. An easy way to do this is to create a temporary or blank page that is hidden on your website, in which you give every employee at your school editing rights.

  • Click on Employees in your navigation bar
  • Click + Page
  • Select Content Space Page
  • Name the Page "Employees Only" and publish the page
  • Hover over Page Properties and click Page Permissions
  • Click Add
  • From the groups list, select Registered Users and give them Full Control like shown below

User Preferences/Account Settings/Attributes

  • The employee will now login to your school website and locate the "Employee Only" page you already created
  • Once they get to that page, they will see the Design Tool Bar at the top
  • They will then look at the top right corner to locate the Silhouette
  • Hover over the Silhouette and click User Preferences

  • User Account: Don't change anything here (Syncs with Active Directory every night)
  • User Profile: Add "attributes" to show up beside their name on the Staff Directory page
  • User Photo: Add a headshot so that viewers can quickly connect a face with your name
  • User Preferences: Don't change anything here

Adding the Staff Directory Module on a Page

  • Navigate to the page where you would like to add the module
  • Turn Design Mode on
  • Click on Content Management in the widget tabs
  • Drag and drop the Staff Directory widget/module onto the page

  • Once the widget renders and refreshes, click on the edit (pencil) icon
  • Edit the settings to display how you wish

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