How to Start Using Facebook for Your School

FIRST: To create a Facebook account, please use your JEFCOED email address.
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Step 1 – Create a Page for Your School
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After signing up for Facebook, navigate to the top right hand corner of Facebook and click on the down arrow to select Create Page.

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Select Company, Organization or Institution.

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Select School and type in the name of your school such as “Grantswood Elementary School” to continue.

Step 2 – Personalize Your Facebook Profile
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Nothing is more unprofessional than a Facebook account with the default profile photo. After you create your account you’ll need to personalize your profile. Here is a list of things you should complete:

  1. Include a description of your school.
  2. Upload a profile picture. We suggest using your school logo, school mascot, or well known image from your school.
  3. Complete the favorites section based on your school’s needs.
  4. Complete the target audience section based on your school’s needs.
Check out our district’s Facebook profile here for an example:
Step 3 – Begin Listening

The first step in using any social media channel is to begin by listening. We hope that through listening you will learn about Facebook by participating. In order to begin listening you should begin liking other school pages, community pages, educational resources:
  1. View the JEFCOED page to view the pages that we’ve liked.
  2. We would also suggest that you follow other schools and educational accounts to see how they are using Facebook.
  3. Finally, we encourage you to check out the Facebook Help Center to learn more about the specifics of Facebook and its functionality.

Step 4 – Participate
After you’ve listened for a while and gained a better appreciation of how people use Facebook it is time for you to post and share. As you begin to think about information to share DO NOT answer the question, “What are we doing?” but rather answer the question, “What do we find interesting?” As you share information experiment with the days, times, and information that you post. See which earns the most likes, comments, and shares.

Remember, Facebook is part of your school’s inbound marketing strategy and as such you should post information that people will find helpful and interesting. Remember to experiment and track your posts’ engagement in order to determine the best times and days to share information.

Step 5 – Promote Your School’s Facebook Account

  1. Put links to your Facebook account on your homepage, blog, and school’s Facebook account.
  2. Put links to your Facebook account in your email signature.
  3. Promote your Facebook account in your school’s newsletters and parent communications.
  4. Put posters up around school announcing your Facebook account.

Step 6 – Page Roles and Other Resources

Who should manage my school’s social media pages?
Your school’s Key Communicators and Principal should have Admin page roles. It will then be up to your Key Communicator and Principal if you want to distribute other page roles such as manager or editor to other staff.
Where do I find out more about using Facebook for my School?

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