How To Use Facebook Page Roles

If your school already has a Facebook page setup using a personal email address, you will need to setup a new Facebook account using your JEFCOED email address, add your new JEFCOED Facebook account as an Admin under Settings, and then remove your personal account from your school’s Facebook account.
Step 1 – Create a JEFCOED “Personal” Facebook Account

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In order to manage and maintain a safe and secure Social Media experience within the Key Communicator Program, it is essential that we manage our schools’ Facebook pages through a “Personal” Facebook account instead of your main Personal Account.
Step 2 – Assign Page Roles
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Once you or the creator of the Facebook page is logged in, click Settings found at the top right.

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Select Page Roles on the left side tool bar found under Settings.
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Type in your JEFCOED email address that you used to setup your new Facebook account.
Step 3 – Confirm Account
You will then receive an email from Facebook in your JEFCOED Inbox to finalize the process.

Step 4 – Delete Any Personal Accounts
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Once you have managed your school’s Facebook page with your JEFCOED email address for a week, you can then remove any personal Facebook accounts from your school’s page.  
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Click the X to remove account.
Who should manage my school’s social media pages?
Your school’s Key Communicators and Principal should have Admin page roles. It will then be up to your Key Communicator and Principal if you want to distribute other page roles such as manager or editor to other staff.
Where do I find out more about using Facebook for my School?

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