How to Embed a YouTube Video in Your Website

To embed a YouTube video in your school's website only takes a few simple steps. You can embed a YouTube video or any other embed code within mostly any page on your website. This example will show you how to embed one on your homepage.

  • Go to the YouTube video's page in which you would like to embed

  • Find the embed section below the YouTube video

  • Copy all of the code
  • Go to your homepage or the page you want to embed the video and turn design mode on
  • Hover over the content widget and click the pencil

  • Look down at the very bottom of the content box and click the HTML section in between Design and Preview

  • Paste the code into this HTML section of the content and click Publish

  • Your YouTube video is now embedded

  • Keep in mind that if you don't like the size of the video, you can always go back to the HTML section and alter the dimensions of the width and height

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